In order to promote the knowledge and the discovery of our territory, our structures are fully equipped for your trekking activities.

We have made some trails accessible (easy to find in a handy downloadable APP), that you can discover and enjoy. They will lead you up to the summit of Mount Erice, and through the Mount Cofano Oriented Reserve.

Trekking - 1

Facilities dedicated to trekkers

To enjoy your experience, we will provide you:

  • telescopic trekking sticks;
  • binoculars;
  • backpacks and k-ways;
  • a drying area for your wet shoes, boots and clothes.

We are also able to guarantee:

  • a quick laundry service for your sportswear equipment;
  • food and energy supplements
  • contacts of some sports shops;
  • medical assistance as well as physical and massage therapy service;
  • pick-up service at the beginning, during and at the end of an excursion;
  • experienced hiking guide;
  • luggage transport service.