In accordance with the provisions of Art. 13 of Legislative Decree 196/2003 - Protection of personal information, all personal information gathered will be handled as follows:


Personal information is gathered and handled in order to:

  • perform internal statistical analysis;
  • provide offers and quotations to current and/or prospective clients;
  • send promotional information of Mucaria dialysis units to current and/or prospective clients;
  • send out information concerning the financial, administrative and commercial activities of Mucaria dialysis units, by telephone, post, courier, fax, e-mail or via certain areas of this Internet site;
  • comply with the legal requirements set forth by laws, regulations, EU legislation and fiscal and administrative by-laws.


Personal information will be handled:

  • by means of operations or sets of operations as indicated in Art. 4 of Law no. 196/2003;
  • via electronic devices capable of granting the safety and confidentiality of such information;
  • by the administrators of this website or otherwise by other staff specifically charged with such data handling.


The submission of personal information is discretionary, except for circumstances specified in the next section.


Should the user refuse to submit personal information, some services requesting that personal information is made available will not be possible.


The information gathered may be disclosed without the prior user's consent to the staff responsible for either administering and maintaining this website or formally responsible for the website or otherwise involved in such activities;


According to Art. 13 of Legislative Decree 196/2003, users are entitled to:

  • obtain confirmation as to whether or not personal information has been gathered, regardless of whether it has already been recorded, and that such information is communicated in intelligible form (Art. 7, par. 1), concerning its origin (Art. 7, par. 2, letter a), the scope and methods of handling (Art. 7, par. 2, letter b) and regarding the criteria underlying data processing when electronic devices are used (Art. 7, par. 2, letter c);
  • be notified of the name of the data controller, data processor (Art. 7, par. 2, letter d) and the entity representative (Art. 5, par. 2);
  • be notified of the entities or categories of entities to which personal information can be disclosed or who might otherwise come across such information in their capacity as data controllers, processors or representatives (Art. 7, par. 2, letter e);
  • be granted that personal information may be updated, amended or, where applicable, integrated with other data (Art. 7, par. 3, letter a);
  • be granted the right for personal information to be cancelled, stored anonymously or blocked if there is a breach of law, including information whose storage is unnecessary in relation to the purposes for which such in information was gathered or handled (Art. 7, par. 3, letter b);
  • be granted the right for operations mentioned under Art. 7 par. 3, letters a) and b) of the Law to be disclosed and their scope explained to users whose personal information was gathered or disseminated, except in cases where such disclosure is not feasible or otherwise requires a burden out of proportion to the right which is being granted (Art. 7, par. 3, letter c);
  • object to personal information handling for legal reasons or for sending commercial materials, selling services, conducting market research or for other promotional purposes (Art. 7, par. 4, letters a) and b);
  • claim compensation for any damage resulting from the handling of such personal information (Art. 15);
  • take legal action or petition the Data Protection Authority for the enforcement of the rights indicated above (Art. 141 and 145).


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